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Vitax Enhance C Soil Conditioner & Casting Agent - 20kg

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Vitax Enchance C Soil Conditioner is natural based soil conditioner containing a blend of slow release nutrients and plant extracts to increase microbial activity, reduce turf stress and boost plant health whilst providing worm cast control.

Technical Information
NPK 7-7-7
Suitable for all soil types.
20KG Bag

Application Rate
30 g/sq.m (30kg/1000square metres)
Aerate turf prior to application

Months of Use
Sep Oct Nov | Jan Feb Mar


  • Improve overall plant health
  • Reduce fertiliser costs due to enhanced water and nutrient uptake
  • Reduce your dependency on expensive fungicide treatments
  • Prolonged slow nutrient release of between 10-12 weeks
  • Neutral pH and active organic content that will improve soil microbial activity and fertility without affecting soil pH
  • Enhance C's uniform dust-free pelleted formulation is ideal for mechanical application, providing uniform distribution of essential nutrients
  • Ideally suited to Autumn & Winter application


  • Not suitable for application during frost.
  • Avoid mowing for 3-4 days either side of treatment.
  • The best method of application is via a calibrated spreader.
  • Keep children and pets away from treated areas until granules have been watered in.
  • Always take care when handling fertiliser using protective equipment where necessary.
  • Always read the label before use.
  • Store in cool, dry conditions place. Keep away from children, Pets and food.
  • Always wash hands after use.

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Equipment & Acessories FAQ's

Yes, over-fertilisation can burn plant leaves, stunt growth, and create
environmental issues.  More is rarely better when using fertilisers. 
Always read and follow label recommendations for fertilizer rates,
dilutions, and application guidelines.  If you are ever in doubt, always
err on the conservative side or use less fertiliser.

Whether you are using liquid (inc.soluble) or granular style treatments on your ground, you should always follow the manufacturers product guidelines. If you are at all uncertain, call us on: 01706 360 572.

Any product sprayed whether granular or liquid (inc.soluble) onto the ground can potentially cause some scorch if applied to a stressed crop. To avoid this do not apply products such as liquid fertilisers to stressed crops or under hot conditions in bright sunlight. Typically early morning or evening are the safest times.